Like in many other industries around the world, the advent of technology has brought in many changes in the filmmaking industry, and film marketers, producers, directors, and actors have been adapting to these changes. One of the most prominent causes of the need to change is the change in the demands of consumers.

Nowadays, filmmakers are beginning to market their films even before the screenplay is drafted or actors are chosen for any roles. In addition, the improved use of technology in the making of films has also led to improvement in the cinematography alongside many other things. The method of film distribution is also experiencing tremendous changes as many consumers are turning to video-on-demand system instead of having to join others for the theatrical debut of movies.

By definition, video-on-demand is a system that enables consumers to determine the movie they would like to watch at any time they want; thereby, eliminating the need for them to wait for a designated broadcast time. In other words, this system allows users to gain access to any video they want at their chosen time on their personal computers or wi-fi enabled devices such as cell phones, tablets and even smart TV’s. Although view on-demand may never provide the exciting experience of watching films at the theater, it offers consumers a chance to determine when and where they want to see their favorite videos or movies for this ever increasing the mobile market.

With the demands for VOD by the consumers on the increase, it is now imperative that quality content is made available for video content providers such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and others. Users now want high-quality content that can be accessed on their smartphones, tablets, and computers at fast and enjoyable internet speeds. It is also expected that this quality content should be well suited for the new 5G LTE wireless networks that will soon be deployed.

Top players in the filmmaking industry should welcome and embrace this impending switch by many users to video-on-demand by ensuring that quality content is provided to VOD providers. If high-quality content can be provided, both consumers and the studios will get the best out of the video-on-demand system in terms of its monetary benefits as well as other opportunities. Saguaro Films is already focused on this issue and is providing such quality and delivery of this type of content to market.