How Digital Media And VOD Are Reshaping The Film Industry

It is an exciting time in the world of filmmaking. As few as 5 years ago, talented professional filmmakers could go their entire career receiving little to no notice—or even giving up before they really had a chance to begin. However, modern technology is creating exciting new opportunities for both small film producers, and consumers who are in need of modern film and video solutions. With a growing demand for digital media and VOD (view on demand) comes the next generation of filmmakers.

VOD Embraces Independent Films

Many streaming and watch-as-you-please platforms have a lack of sufficient content to meet their VOD demand needs, or they struggle to find the new or niche content their viewers desire. This includes some of the big names in the streaming business, who often have to wait many months for the most recent seasons of shows are cleared by the broadcaster and can be added to their mix. To increase their product offering VOD providers are embracing independent filmmakers. This helps budding professionals gain rapid recognition, and even global recognition. However, it also provides filmmaking opportunities for film and entertainment professionals who live outside of Los Angeles, New York, and Atlanta.

This includes everything from full-length films, to shorts, clips, documentaries, record live events, theater, music videos, and more. With the growing range of HD videography, portable equipment, editing software, special effects, and audio tools—independent teams can produce content that rivals the major studios.

Digital Media For Non-Entertainment Needs

Film making isn’t the only in-demand field of videography, as businesses, schools, and non-profits across every industry are in need of digital media, much of which must be optimized for SEO. This means that film professionals must develop diverse new skill sets, or create teams who can deliver the online-optimized content consumers require.

While a large variety of this content will be used for online marketing, the new generation of filmmakers helps businesses to produce cost-effective TV commercials they, product demos, HD-live steaming, and more. There is also a growing need for in-house training videos, onboarding videos, and professional video presentations.

The team at Saguaro Films is passionate about the opportunities provided by the growing demand for local HD filmography production for Phoenix businesses, non-profits, schools, and aspiring artists who are in need of a professional team to bring their visions to life. Reach out today to learn more!